molecular & spectacular

Flavors are the way of life for any Indian kitchen. There’s no Indian who can cook without flavors, to include to our interest of flavors we indeed include them to our tea or utilize them for their restorative purposes as well. And why won’t it be, India has been the zest capital of the world, the biggest maker of nearly all flavors known. And thus we can’t think past them! Duh! In our kitchen we have a complete pantry devoted to the assortments of flavors, two racks in my fridge and a extraordinary parcel of my cooler as well. But for day by day utilize I have this zest box or as we call it ‘Masala Dabba’ in Hindi for my ordinary cooking. (Masala = Flavor & Dabba = Box). It’s not continuously the standard fixings as you see underneath, but keeps changing depending on the portion of the nation (India) you have a place.